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Alix Dobkin press photo by Joanne Gigante
Joanne Gigante

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Review Excerpts

"Womyn's music legend..."


"Dissenter type...troublemaker..."
FBI Memorandum


New Age Journal


"...a superb performer..."
The Woodstock Times


"Her wit, razor-sharp patter and quick-on-her-feet manner have made her one of the most important and controversial figures in the women's movement since before it was called that... important for her insight and catalytic energy to bring people together and get things done."
Oakland Express


"Alix Dobkin...pioneered lesbian music with uncompromising, intimate songs"
The New York Times Magazine

"outrageously deft and talented"
Music Magazine


"Dubbed 'the original Riot Grrrl...still a hellraiser, she keeps spreading affirmation and empowerment to all women (and even men, if they can take it)"
Metro, Santa Cruz


[She strikes] "the perfect balance between memoir, history, humor and serious observations . . . We all could have listened to [her] sing and talk for hours."
— Kathryn Allamong Jacob, Schlesinger Library, Harvard University


"She's mythic"
— Lillian Faderman, historian


"She is the lynchpin...[who] birthed the beautiful liberating noise called 'women's music.'"


"She had the crowd in the palm of her hand"


"Heroine and Harbinger"
The Advocate


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