Lavender Jane Loves Women (WWWA001)

No longer available. See "Living with Lavender Jane" below.


Living with Lesbians

Produced by Alix Dobkin.
Musicians: Abacate, Beverly Maher, Lynx, Micaela Lazerow, Betty MacDonald, Casse Culver, Roberta Kosse, Martha Siegel.
Engineering: Ceil Muller, Margaret Mercer.


Side 1

1. Living With Lesbians
2. Over the Banks
3. Chewing Gum
4. Legnala
5. Hearts & Struggles
6. Good Old Dora

Side 2

1. Amazon ABC
2. Mary B
3. Toughen Up!
4. Dekka Slunseto
5. Thoughts for Penny
6. The Lesbian Power Authority


XX Alix

Produced by Alix Dobkin.
Musicians: Susann P. Shanbaum, River Lightwomoon, Karen Beth, J.T. Thomas, B.B. Lorenz, Renee Purnell, Julie Haines, Lise Brown, Helen Hooke, Paula Galitano, Chase Morrison, Adrian Hood
Engineer: Marilyn Ries


Side 1

1. Woman to Woman
2. Gwyn's Tune
3. O.K.O.Y.?
4. Getting Ready
5. Just Like A Woman

Side 2

1. Living With Contradictions
2. Separation '783
3. A Mother Knows
4. Denny's Tune
5. Living In The Country


These Women/Never Been Better (WWWA005)

Produced by Alix Dobkin.
Musicians: Carol MacDonald, Diane Lindsay, Sue Fink, Debbie Fier, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Barbara Borden (aka: B.B. Lorenz), Mary Fettig, Faith Fusillo, Renee Harcourt, Debby Hastings, Shelley Jennings, Margo Lewis, Beverly Phillips, Vivian Stoll.
Engineering: Karen Kane, Myrna Johnston, Woody Simmons, Lynda Stephens, Carla Frederick, Bart Adams.


Side 1

1. Never Been Better
2. Pitfalls Of True Love
3. Some Boys
4. Boy-Girl Rap
5. The Woman In Your Life

Side 2

1. Big Girls
2. Crazy Dance
3. Dortn, Dortn
4. I Hate Men/100 Easy Ways     To Lose A Man
5. Best Friends
6. These Women


Yahoo Australia

Produced by Alix Dobkin.
Engineered by Karen Kane.

To purchase and download this CD or individual songs, go to CD Baby


1. Yahoo Australia
2. Shameless Hussies
3. Lesbian Code
4. Intimacy
5. Women of Ireland
6. Women Singing In Zimbabwe

7. Crushes
8. Ot Azoi
9. Hedda On TV
10. The Girls Want To Be With       The Girls
11. New Ground


Love and Politics: A 30 Year Saga (WWWA007)

(A compilation, see above for personnel)

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1. Shinin' Thru
2. The Woman In Your Life
3. A Woman's Love
4. View From Gay Head
5. Over The Banks
6. Mary B
7. Amazon ABC
8. My Lesbian Wars
9. If It Wasn't For The Women
10. A Mother Knows

11. Just Like A Woman
12. Denny's Tune
13. Theme From Getting Ready
14. Never Been Better
15. Some Boys
16. These Women
17. Yahoo Australia
18. Crushes
19. Intimacy
20. Lesbian Code


Living with Lavender Jane

Musicians: Kay Gardner, Patches Attom, Althea Taylor, Jody Vogel, Jackie Ross, Nancy Uscher, Jenny Gardner, Julie Gardner, Adrian Hood, Angie
Engineer: Marilyn Ries

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CD 1
Lavender Jane Loves Women

1. The Woman In Your Life
2. Caledonia County
3. Eppie Morrie
4. Jovano
5. I Only Want To Be With You
6. The Little House
7. Her Precious Love
8. Fantasy Girl
9. Quartet
10. Jo's B-Day Song
11. Charlie

CD 2 - for musicians, see
Living With Lesbians above

1. Chewing Gum
2. Hearts & Struggles
3. Amazon ABC
4. Mary B
5. Toughen Up!
6. Dekka Slunseto
7. Thoughts for Penny
8. The Lesbian Power Authority
9. Beware, Young Ladies
10. Talking Lesbian
11. A Woman's Love
12. View From Gay Head
13. Hug-ee-Boo

With the exception of Lavender Jane Loves Women—which is out of print—all of these recordings can be purchased at Ladyslipper Music or by calling 1.800.634.6044.

You can also download MP3 versions of the last three CDs or individual songs from these CDs at CD Baby.


Also, Alix Dobkin's Adventures in Women's Music (More Than Just a Songbook).

Available soon in PDF format.


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